New Interim Cert

A new interim cert for installations with a maximum import capacity of <50kVA has been launched and will be available for purchase from 23rd August 2021. The cost of the new format cert will remain at €36.96 plus VAT.

Interim certs will be sold in single copies only and in paper format only.

There are a number of changes to the Interim Cert when compared to a standard completion certificate:

  1. All interim certs are supplied with a supporting document, the Customer Information Notice (CIN).
  2. The interim cert contains a new field where the CIN number must be recorded.
  3. There is a new page added to the cert which is marked “Copy to be submitted with final certificate” This page must be attached to the completion certificate which replaces the interim certificate once final electrical work has been completed.

When you are submitting an interim certificate, please ensure that you have completed ALL of the following:

  • Filled in the CIN number in the appropriate field on the cert
  • Attached the completed CIN signed by your customer
  • Completed the interim cert in accordance with standard guidelines

Once an interim certificate has been submitted to Safe Electric, you have 12 months to complete the electrical installation. Should no final certificate be received after 9 months, a reminder letter will be sent to your customer reminding them that they risk disconnection if a replacement certificate is not received. If no final certificate has been received after 10 months, you will receive a reminder notice from Safe Electric. Should a final certificate not be received after 12 months, Section 6 of Common Procedure 5 of the Electric Criteria Document will be enforced and the “Process for De-Energisation of Installation” will be triggered. For further details please refer to the Electric Criteria document located here.