Important SEAI EV Home Charger Certification Notice

Through the EV Home Charger grant scheme, SEAI has provided funding for almost 8,000 installations in 2021 and this is expected to increase further in 2022. To obtain the grant customers must provide a valid Safe Electric completion certificate issued by a REC. To keep up with the additional demand and improve customer experience, the SEAI grant will transition to a fully online application process from March 2022. All registered electricians and installers should pay careful attention to the following points:

  • In the current process, successful applicants are required to print out a 2-page payment request form; the second page is manually filled in and signed by the registered contractor
  • In the new online system, successful applicants will be issued with 2 different web links; the first link will be completed by the applicant and the second link will be forwarded to the installer who is required to complete and sign the form online using a digital device (laptop, phone or tablet). Please note that it will not be possible to request a paper form application.
  • We strongly recommend that the electrician form is completed at the property of the applicant on the day when the installation is completed. The applicant will not be able to submit their payment form until the electrician has submitted theirs.
  • A sample application form for the electrician can be accessed at the following link

To provide more guidance on the upcoming changes, SEAI and Safe Electric will be hosting a joint 30-minute workshop at 11:00am on Wednesday 2nd of March, followed by a Q&A session. A recording of the meeting will be made available afterwards.

To register for the event please use this page.