Data Protection Update for Safe Electric and RGI scheme members

As you may be aware, SGS Ireland will, by the means of a sub-company (Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)), operate the Safe Electric and RGI schemes’ services from January 2023 and onwards. The CRU is currently working closely with SGS Ireland and the incumbent Safety Supervisory Bodies (SSBs) (RECI and RGII), to ensure an efficient, transparent and smooth transfer of the Safe Electric and RGI schemes’ services by the Go-Live date next January as well as the continuity of services delivery during this transitional period.

We are committed to keeping you informed of any updates related to the transition which may impact you.

This communication is to make you aware that, to ensure the schemes’ services are not disrupted, there are a number of steps which the CRU, the incumbent SSBs and SGS Ireland are required to take prior to the services being provided by the new SSB, operated by the SPV (the transition phase). One of these steps involves the transfer of your personal data.  

What happens next?

As part of the service transition, the CRU is currently collaborating with RECI and RGII, in compliance with applicable data protection legislation, to transfer personal data related to the Safe Electric and RGI schemes, to SGS Ireland.

This transfer is initially required to allow SGS Ireland to undertake necessary and relevant system testing, to plan for the transition and subsequent commencement of services, and to ensure the continuity of Safe Electric and RGI schemes’ services.

How is my personal data protected?

The CRU and SGS Ireland’s SPV will both be Data Joint Controllers, each having the responsibility for the safeguarding of scheme personal data.

The SSB, will only be permitted to use the data for the purposes of the safety schemes and in compliance with all data protection legislation.

The CRU will fully comply with all applicable obligations in respect of your personal data.

What this means for you

You do not need to take any action as a result of this communication.

Further details in relation to processing of your personal data, and of your related data subject rights, will be set out in updated CRU and SSB Privacy Notices which will be made available before 3 January 2023 on the CRU website and on

Should you wish to contact the Data Protection Commission their contact details can be found at