Renewal of Registration & Updated Fee Structure for 2023 

Appointment of New SSB

In line with the announcement by the Commission for Regulation Utilities (CRU) in September, Safe Energy Ireland, wholly owned by SGS Ireland Limited is the appointed organisation as the Safety Supervisory Body (SSB) for the next designation period 2023-27 effective today 3rd January 2023 and will trade under the new name of Safe Energy Ireland.

The appointment follows on from the tender competition for the new model for SSB services and the selection of SGS Ireland Limited as the most economically advantageous bid response. The new service model requires the modernisation of the SSB services, including the digital and automation transformation of services requiring the introduction of new IT systems and Electronic Certification System (ECS).

Safe Energy Ireland submitted a proposal for fees and charges required for the Safe Electric and RGI schemes for 2023. The CRU has approved the SSB fees for Electrical and Gas products and services for 2023 based on the submitted proposal, and in line with the tender competition outcome which reflects a 12% increase across all services. For full details of the 2023 price list please click here.

The principal drivers for the increases in the charges from the previous designation are the additional investment in new technologies, enhancements in the inspection process and services and the general increase in costs in line the Consumer Price Index (CPI) trends experienced across the economy. Individual cost lines such as travel expenses for the inspection teams particularly impact the SSB service and are running significantly ahead of the CPI trend.

The digital transformation of the services will be delivered in the first 18 months of the designation. Members will experience significant benefits in the move away from the current paper-based system which will assist the members in the efficiency of their routine business activities; and a reduction in certain costs including postage & packaging for certificates, loss of paper certificates and online ordering.

2023 Registration Fees

Safe Energy Ireland is committed to ensuring a smooth transition of services to our members. To this end the annual registration process will take place as usual in January 2023.

The prices for 2023 Registration Fees are outlined below:

RenewalsREC Annual Renewal (0-10)€396.48€91.19€487.67
 RenewalsREC Annual Renewal (10-50)€624.96€143.74€768.70
 RenewalsREC Annual Renewal (>50)€934.08€214.84€1,148.92
 NewREC New Application Fee€84.00€19.32€103.32

The process for paying your annual subscription fee has changed. Please read carefully on how to renew your subscription below.

Please note an email containing the 2023 invoice will be issued to each Registered Electrical Contractor (RECs) in the coming days. If you have not received this email by 5th January 2023 containing your invoice number please call (091) 480974 or email

To Pay

Have your credit/debit card details and registration numbers to hand.

Option 1 – to pay by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT):

All relevant, updated bank details of the new SSB will be included in the invoice. Please note registration and invoice number needs to be referenced on the bank transfer

Option 2 – to pay online by credit/debit card:

Click on the pay link provided with the invoice and follow instructions provided.

Option 3 – to contact our support centre:

You can contact the Safe Electric scheme support line on (091) 480974 for assistance with payment options.

Please have your invoice and registration number ready as this will be requested on the call.

Note our support team will direct you to options 1 or 2 for payment.

Once payment is completed by one of these 3 options outlined above and verification of insurances and qualifications has been processed, your membership will be renewed for 2023

Payment Deadline

In line with the current process, the annual subscription is to be paid within 4 weeks.

Please make sure that you provide your payment by the deadline in order to comply with the Rules of Registration and with the Criteria Documents to be able to carry out electric/gas works.

Any change in details with regard to the REC or Qualified Certifier (QC) must be communicated to Safe Electric.

*VAT applied in compliance with revenue arising from transition from ‘not for profit’ to ‘for profit’ model in line with tender specifications.