Details of Complaints Procedure


  1. COMPLETED FORM IS ACKNOWLEDGED WITHIN 1 WORKING DAY: Please fill out the complaint form, Safe Electric will acknowledge your complaint within 1 working day.
    1. a – RESOLVED WITHOUT THE NEED FOR INSPECTION (IF MINOR & FACTS AGREED): If the complaint is of a relatively minor nature and the facts are not in dispute it may be possible for Safe Electric to arrange for the matter to be resolved without direct intervention.
    2. b – SITE INSPECTION REQUIRED: An on-site inspection may be carried out by a Safe Electric Inspector. Safe Electric will try to complete an on-site inspection within 7 working days after the complaint has been acknowledged
      1. i ) The REC or a representative of the REC is required to be present at the inspection. The complainant or a representative is also required to be present but no one else unless expressly agreed in advance by the Safe Electric Inspector.
      2. ii) The inspection is concerned solely with the items specifically the subject of the complaint. The purpose is to determine whether these items satisfy the requirements of the National Rules for Electrical Installations
  3. PLEASE ALLOW REC TO RECTIFY ANY ISSUES IF REQUESTED TO DO SO BY SAFE ELECTRIC. Please note that failing to provide access for the Registered Electrical Contractor to rectify the issues with your Electrical Installation on your premises might hinder the investigation and the timely resolution of your Complaint.
  4. COMPLAINT RESOLVED (BREACHES CORRECTED, POSSIBLE FURTHER INSPECTION REQUIRED) AND CERTIFICATE ISSUED: If the report reveals breaches of the Wiring Rules, Safe Electric requires the registered contractor to carry out remedial work without additional cost to the customer, to correct those breaches which were not the result of specification requirements. The registered contractor shall issue a completion certificate when the breaches are corrected. Usually, a further inspection of the installation is made after completion of the remedial work so that confirmation can be given to the customer that the breaches have been corrected.
  5. SUMMARY REPORT PROVIDED TO CUSTOMER: After the inspection the Safe Electric Inspector prepares a report providing details of the electrical work, the results of tests and details of any breaches, if any, of the wiring rules. This report is sent to the REC and a disciplinary hearing may take place. You will be provided with a summary report of Safe Electric’s findings. All decisions regarding the application and interpretation of the RECI complaints procedure, the safety and technical standard of an electrical installation and remedial work required rests solely with the Safe Electric.