How to apply

To apply for membership as a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) at Safe Electric you need to submit the following documentation to Safe Electric:


– The Public/Products Liability Policy should provide an indemnity of not less than €6,500,000.
– The Employers Liability Policy (if applicable) should provide an indemnity of not less than €13,000,000.

       Please note, all the applications with this form missing or all items not covered on the policy and stamped by the insurance company or broker will result as invalid application.

Click here to view details on the required insurance.

  • A copy of your nominated Qualified Certifier’s recognised electrical qualifications, – a National Craft Certificate (Electrical) or another suitable award, equivalent to Level 6 or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications.



  • Completed Application Consent letter, with your full name and signature.

Click here to download the form. please note that the Application number will be fulfilled by Safe electric.


  • A copy of your nominated Qualified Certifier’s certification of the successfully completed “Verification and Certification of Electrical Installations” Course (V&C Course). The Certificate is valid for 5 years. See below some samples of V&C Course certificates.
    Click here to view accredited course providers.




Send all Five documents in email to (In case of the Application Form please print the form, fill in, sign and scan)


via post to Safe Electric, Unit 9 KCR Ind. Est., Ravensdale Park, Kimmage, Dublin 12

We can only process your application if all documents are provided.

  • Pay the application fee of €75 by
      • Credit Card transaction over the phone,
      • Posting a cheque to our offices or
      • Calling in and paying by cash, cheque, credit or debit card


Your application will be evaluated and decided upon within working 15 days.

Subscription Fee

Safe Electric will contact you once your application has been processed.

For successful applicants the following annual subscription fee will apply depending on the number of electricians employed:

      • Employing 10 or fewer electricians*:   €354
      • 11 to 50 electricians*:                                €558
      • More than 50 electricians*:                    €834

electricians*: Total Number of employees including apprentices and subcontractors, carrying out electrical works. 

The payment should be made to the name of RECI (as opposed to Safe Electric).


Safe Electric will carry out an inspection of one of your installations within 6 months of registration.

You are not authorised to self-certify your installations until a satisfactory inspection has been carried out.

Upon successful inspection, the Safe Electric Approvals Committee will confirm your registration.

After your successful first inspection, you will be subject to an additional inspection within the following 6 months. If the result of the inspection is unsatisfactory, the applicant will be charged to pay an amount of 180 € plus VAT for follow-up inspection*.


Please note: For the Application Inspection an electrical installation work must be presented. In case you are not able to present an electrical installation work for inspection within the given timeframe (6 months for the first application inspection and 6 months after the first inspection for the second application inspection) your application will be rejected.

*The maximum number of attempts to get the full certification is 4 including A1 and A2 Inspection. if the applicant can not reach the minimum standards of safety and quality within this 4  inspections the application process will be cancelled and the applicant shall reapply.


Please check out the Guideline for Inspections and Audits or Contact Us if you require more information.