Electronic Completion Certificates

The Electronic Completion Certification (ECC) system is connected to the ESB Networks MPRN website via a web services system in order to fast track the connection process.

Using the ECC System

  • Registered ECC users can reach the completion certificate site by clicking here.
  • By doing so you can fill up a pre-connection certificate on your computer and transmit it by web service to the ESBN. When ESBN have connected the supply to the installation a text message will be sent to the contractor’s mobile phone advising him of the connection.
  • After connecting to the supply, the post-connection tests and the post-connection certificate shall be completed.

Purchase of Electronic Completion Certificates

  • ECC can be used for purchasing and submitting Certificate No. 1 and Certificate No. 2.
  • If you are a registered user of ECC you can purchase Completion Certificates in the ECC system with your available credit in the ECC system.
    Go to the Menu View Account > Credit Detail section where you can enter the credit amount you would like to purchase.
    By submitting your request, you will receive a reference number. You will need to call the Safe Electric office with the reference number to complete your purchase.

Submitting Electronic Certificates

Please find a step-by-step instruction for submitting electronic Completion Certificates on the following link:

Processing Pre-and Post-Connection Certificates Online – Guide

ECC Help

Please visit the “About On-Line Certification” help menu in ECC (see on the top left corner) for further information about the ECC system.

In case you have issues to log on to the ECC please call the Safe Electric office on 091 480974.