Processing Timelines for Completion Certificates

Certification is mandatory for all Controlled Electrical Works to ensure that it has been carried out in accordance with the Technical Rules.

Safe Electric are required to validate all Certificates returned, which will confirm that the Certificates contain all the requisite information, that test values are within acceptable limits, and that the Certificates was sold to the certifying Registered Electrical Contractor (REC)

The Safe Electric Certification Department are validating over 700 pre-connection and post-connection certificates per week. They have identified the top 5 reasons for certificates failing the validation stage and returned to the REC, these are:

  1. Expired insurance
  2. Incorrect test results
  3. Using expired and incorrect QC numbers
  4. Incorrect or incomplete address
  5. Incorrect MPRN numbers and illegible MPRN numbers

Other common reasons for certificates failing the validation process

  • Bonding & polarity
  • Pre-Connection date
  • Test record sheet number
  • Not ticking construction & test for new installation
  • Ticking incorrect box for New, Alteration & reconnection
  • Max Import Capacity

For ECC certificates

  • Not including QC number in the comments box

How you can help speed up the validation process

This year, we have processed over 15,000 pre-connections and post-connection certificates. At least 3,000 certificates have been returned to contractors after failing the validation stage. The normal processing times for returned certs are 3-5 working days. However, please allow An Post up to 5 working days to deliver your cert and up to 10 working days for certs to be validated before contacting a member of the certification department.

As a REC, you can play a large part in improving the processing times and ensure your certificates are processed relatively quickly.

We recommend

  • Including the QC name and number, rather than just the QC number in the required field
  • Including the full address and Eircode
  • Review the certificate before you send it for validation
  • Tick all the relevant boxes (if you’re unsure please contact your local inspector for technical advice
  • Check the status of your pre-connection or post-connection cert here before contacting our office.
  • If the status is showing “Issue found”, we recommend you wait 2 workings days before contacting us as the cert is likely to have been returned to you by post

We are constantly improving our processing timelines. By applying these guidelines and understanding the common reasons for failing the validation stage, you can help us improve the time it takes to process a certificate.

If you have any questions please email us on and your query will be redirected to the certification department.