Report Illegal Electrical Works

How reports are handled

If you have reason to suspect that someone who is not a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) is performing electrical work in a domestic premises, or describing themselves in a manner likely to suggest that they are a REC, please complete the form.

If your report is about a REC, you can make a complaint here.

If you have an immediate concern about electrical safety you should contact (1850 372 999) or find a Registered Electrical Contractor on (091 480974).

Please see Details of the Illegal Electrical Works Report Procedure for further information.

  1. Complete Form
  2. Please take Steps to have Electrical Works in your Home Completed and Certified by a REC
  3. The CRU Inspector will Review the Report in Order to Investigate. If necessary, the CRU may contact you as part of their Investigation
  4. Enforcement Action may result

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