Always use a Registered Electrical Contractor

You should ALWAYS use a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to carry out electrical work in your home and ask for a Completion Certificate after the work is complete.

Guide to using the Search Engine

  • This search engine provides access to Safe Energy Ireland RECs.
  • You can search by area or by a specific keyword or by combining the two e.g. if you would like to find a REC in Co. Mayo, the engine will give you all RECs located in Co. Mayo, however, if you want to restrict only to the RECs in Claremorris, you should add this into the Keyword field. You can enter any words into the Keyword field to facilitate your search
  • As enrolment on the public website is not required, not all RECs may be searchable. If you are checking to confirm whether a contractor is registered, and they do not appear on the website, you can contact Safe Energy Ireland by email or call us at 091-480974 in order to verify whether they are currently registered.

Processing Timelines

All pre-connection certificates are validated within 10 working days. For more information on pre-connection certs processing timelines please click here.

GDPR Notice

In line with GDPR – do not use information here to engage in direct marketing or marketing of any kind.

Please note that RECs are separate entities to Safe Energy Ireland. Except in relation to electrical safety, Safe Energy Ireland has no control over the methods and practices used by RECs.

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