Rules of Registration

Safe Electric’s primary objective is to protect the safety interests of customers with respect to electrical installation activities.

Criteria Document: The Criteria Document sets out the safety standards and procedures to be adhered to by Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs). This Document is and may be subject to change in accordance with the Electricity Regulation Act 1999, as amended (the Act).

Registration: RECs must pay the subscription fee and renew registration annually. Any contractor wishing to become a registered member of Safe Electric must complete the Application for Registration Form. The applicant must meet the eligibility criteria contained in Section C.1.2 of the Criteria Document.

RECs must appoint and keep appointed at all times:

(i) a Principal Duty Holder, and
(ii) at least one Qualified Certifier.

Note: A person can be both a Principal Duty Holder and a Qualified Certifier. If a REC fails to maintain the status of his/her named QC, the REC will be removed from the Safe Electric register within 10 weeks.

Training: The REC’s named QC must submit a copy of his Electrical National Craft Certificate or another suitable award, equivalent to Level 6 or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications and a copy of his personal Electrical Verification & Certification course subject to renewal every five years.

Certification: It is mandatory for a REC to issue a Completion Certificate for all Electrical Works (excluding minor works). If a REC carries out minor electrical works they must be certified if requested by the customer. Only the REC’s named Qualified Certifier (QC) can certify electrical works on behalf of the REC.

Insurance: The REC must submit confirmation that the appropriate insurance cover is in place annually.

Audit and Inspection: RECs shall permit Safe Electric to carry out an inspection and/or audit at any time in accordance with the Audit and Inspection procedure.

Disciplinary: Any REC who is the subject of a Disciplinary Process must cooperate fully with every phase of the Disciplinary Process.

Please see the complete Safe Electric Rules of Registration. The Rules of Registration shall be subject to revision from time to time and any changes made shall be subject to the approval of the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

The Rules of Registration are also available in a booklet form. Please Contact Us if you obtain to get the booklet.