Safe Electric Price List

Safe Electric provides a comprehensive list of publications and products for its members. For your convenience, we have published a listing and order form of all Safe Electric products below.
To order any Safe Electric publication simply call us on 091 480974 during office hours (8.30 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm, Monday to Friday) or follow the steps below:

  1. Print the order form
  2. Enter the order values for each item you wish to order
  3. Enter your preferred payment method
  4. Scan and send in email to
    or Post with the relevant payment authorization to:
    Safe Energy Ireland
    Hazel House
    Millennium Business Park
    Monread South
    Co. Kildare
    W91 PXP3

Please make sure that you make the payment to the name of Safe Energy Ireland (as opposed to Safe Electric).

Click to open the Price List and Order Form.

Safe Energy Ireland Refund Policy

In relation to undelivered orders that customers have not received we will issue replacement orders 5 working days after the original goods are dispatched. If the original order is subsequently received the customer has the option of paying for the goods or returning the replacement goods. The customer is responsible for the postage costs. Replacement orders are not considered 28 days after the original goods have been dispatched.

In the event a REC/Installer terminates their registration of the scheme, refunds will be issued for unused returned certificates upon request.

In the event a REC terminates their registration of the scheme, refunds will be issued for the paid amount for any unused credit balance on the ECC system upon request. 

No refunds are issued for application fees, membership fees, publications, inspections, fines, costs in relation to disciplinary procedures, new seals, or postage.