Role of Safe Electric

Safe Electric’s overall function is the regulation of the activities of electrical contractors in Ireland with respect to safety. The Criteria Document published by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) sets out the detailed rules, procedures and the requirements in relation to the regulatory system for electrical safety. The responsibilities of Safe Electric are set out in this document.

Safe Electric’s core activities according to the Criteria Document are:

  • Processing of applications and registration of electrical contractors, and publication of the register;
  • Monitoring, Inspection and Audit of electrical contractors;
  • Investigation of complaints received and the disciplining of electrical contractors registered with Safe Electric;
  • Inspection of works of Third Parties;
  • Management of the distribution, sale, recording, control and the validation of Completion Certificates;
  • Public and industry awareness activities;
  • Interaction and co-ordination of activities with other Bodies and such other agencies, bodies, committees and Government Departments as the CRU may direct from time to time;
  • Maintaining records of, and reporting on, the activities of Safe Electric;
  • The operation, and use, of the Brand in accordance with the requirements specified by the CRU.