Notice of Potential Hazard

Situations may arise where a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) carrying out installation works observes a potential hazard. The potential hazard may not be associated with the REC’s contract of works. A REC has a duty of care to inform the electricity consumer of any immediate or potential hazard.

If the electricity consumer or REC is not in a position to rectify the hazard, the REC should issue a Notice of Potential Hazard (NoHz). The NoHz must specify the associated National Rules for Electrical Installations – ET101 rule breach number(s), and a brief description of the hazard.

The White Copy of the NoHz is to be given to the person responsible for the Electrical Installation (electricity consumer). The Yellow Copy of the NoHz should be posted to Safe Electric immediately or no later than two working days from the date of issue. The Blue Copy of the NoHz is retained by the REC.

Once received, Safe Electric will contact the customer advising them of the hazards and recommended course of action. Where deemed necessary, Safe Electric will send a copy of the NoHz to the HSA.