Non-valid Complaints


Safe Electric’s Complaints Procedure does not deal with the following aspects of a Complaint:

  1. Contractual or commercial matters of any kind, such as the price charged for the works or whether correct payment has been made to the contractor for works completed.
  2. Complaints about aspects of electrical works which are not directly related to electrical safety, such as the performance of a lighting installation.
  3. Complaints where subsequent action has been taken by another contractor. In such cases, Safe Electric would be unable to firmly establish, by means of an on-site inspection, whether or not the electrical works originally complied with the National Rules for Electrical Installations.
  4. Non-compliance with specific requirements which fall outside the scope of the National Rules for Electrical Installations.
  5. Complaints about works carried out by persons other than Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs).
  6. Electrical works that are not yet completed.