Important Safety Warning concerning Graesslin QE7 Electric Water-Heating Control

If you have a Grasslin QE7 Electric Water-Heating Control which was not previously replaced stop using the device immediately. Do not use the main switch and boost buttons while sleeping or out of the house.

Commencing April 2005 the QE7 Water-Heating Control is the subject of a product recall for safety reasons. All installed QE7’s must be replaced to bring the installation up to the required standard.

A free Water-Heating Control replacement and installation can be obtained by submitting your contact details by clicking here. An appointment will be made at a convenient time to carry out the necessary work. This service is supplied free-of-charge by the manufacturer Grasslin GmbH.

Until the unit is replaced, the QE7 Water-Heating Control should be switched OFF. Do not run the QE7 on automatic control or leave the boost output running while the property is unoccupied.

New units are clearly marked ECOSAVE. If you have an ECOSAVE these are NOT subject to any recall.

Note: There are now many installations which have been renewed by up-grading the Water-Heating Control. In this case please check if wall mounted terminal plate and top device are flush fitted without joints to the housing.

If part of the red line is visible please get in contact with manufacturer immediately by clicking contact button. An appointment will be made at a convenient time to check correctness of installation and carry out the necessary re-work if necessary.

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