Thank you for your illegal works report

Thank you for your report of suspected illegal electrical works. This report has been sent to the Safety Supervision Team in the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (01 400 0800), who are responsible for the investigation of reported illegal works.

The CRU will only contact you if it is necessary as part of the investigation. Please note that, as investigations are confidential, we will not be able to tell you the outcome of this report.

You may wish to document evidence of the original suspected illegal electrical works through photographs, video, receipts or other records from the original contractor, and/or any documentation provided by the REC you hire. If the CRU contacts you as part of their investigation, they may request this information from you.

You can continue the electrical works in your home by using a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC). You can find a REC on our online search facility here. You may need to apply for a Change of Contractor in order for the REC to certify the works.

If you have an immediate concern about electrical safety you should contact ESB Networks (1850 372 999), or use our online search facility to find a Registered Electrical Contractor, or call Safe Electric on 01 492 9966.