Safe Electric Procedures

Safe Electric Procedures and Documents
In accordance with the Criteria Document issued by the Commission of Energy Regulation Safe Electric has designed a set of procedures that cover the regulatory process. The procedures can be viewed by clicking on the links shown on the list below:

Application for Registration (links to RECI Application for Registration – V4 PDF)
Registration (links to RECI Registration Procedure – V5 PDF)
Change of Contractor (link to 3.17 RECI – Change of Contractor Procedure – V2 PDF)
Notice of Potential Hazard & Emergency Work (link to 3.15 Notice of Hazard and Emergency Works Procedure – V1a PDF)
Disciplinary Procedure (link to RECI Disciplinary Procedure – V5 PDF)
Suspension, Revocation and Re-Instatement of Registration (link to 3.14 RECI Suspension And Revocation-V1 PDF)

The Common Performance Evaluation Scheme (CPES) is in place since 1 January 2011. It replaces the Performance Marking System (PES) which ran from July to December 2010. A guidance document for competency inspection of RECs and a revised inspection report can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Audit & Inspection Report
Audit: Report (link to CPES Spreadsheet Rev7h Final-Audit_part1 PDF)- Notice (link to CPES Spreadsheet Rev7h Final-Audit_part4 PDF)
Inspection: Report (link to CPES Spreadsheet Rev7h Final-Inspection_part1 PDF)- Notice (link to CPES Spreadsheet Rev7h Final-Inspection_part4 PDF)
Inspection Report Continuation (CPES Spreadsheet Rev7h Final-Continuation_part1 PDF)
CPES Guidance Document (link to Guidance Document for Competency Inspections of RECs – V2 PDF)
The Inspection & Audit Procedure will be revised to include the new CPES.