Attention Safe Electric members: The last day for guaranteed delivery of post before Christmas will be Tuesday, the 19th December 2017. Please make sure you place your orders in time.

An Electrical Trade Show will take place on 31st August from 11AM to 7PM in the Red Cow Moran Hotel in Dublin. Representatives of the Electrical Industry are invited to receive first-hand experience about the most advanced electrical products and equipment. Safe Electric will also be present at the Show conducting testing demonstrations and tech … Read more

Amendment No. 2.2 of the ETCI National Rules for Electrical Installations, ET101:2008 comes into effect from the 5th of September 2017. This update to the Wiring Rules will see the phasing out of traditional flat PVC/PVC cable with bare earth and its replacement by cable with an insulated earth conductor of the same cross section … Read more