Annual subscription payment deadline – 31st January 2018

Dear Contractor,

The deadline for paying the annual subscription fee is approaching with 31st January 2018 (We have sent the invoice to you in December 2017 with the amount to be paid).

Please make sure that you provide your payment by the deadline, otherwise your registration will be suspended with immediate effect. In suspended status

  • you will not be able to carry out controlled electrical works,
  • you cannot buy completion certificates,
  • your completed certificates will not be processed,
  • you will not be available on the Safe Electric website for the public.

Please also consider the possible legal consequences of carrying out controlled electrical works while unregistered at the bottom.

After suspension, if we do not receive your subscription fee by 28th February we need to start with the revocation of registration process. In cases where the subscription fee is not paid by the end of March the registration will be revoked and re-joining will be possible only by submitting a new application form and paying the application fee (€75).


Prosecution consequences of working unregistered:

  • Except for certain Minor Electrical Works* it is a criminal offence for a Non-Registered Contractor to carry out electrical work in a domestic premises. The penalties for non-compliance set out in the 2006 Act include a fine of up to €15,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 years.
  • On revocation or withdrawal of Safe Electric registration, the company/sole trader shall immediately cease to issue documentation or literature in print or electronically, displaying the Safe Electric Logo or implying in any way that they continue to be a Registered Electrical Contractor. It is a criminal offence under the Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) 2006 Act, for a person to describe themselves as a Registered Electrical Contractor or in a manner likely to suggest that they are a Registered Electrical Contractor unless they are member of Safe Electric. The penalties for contravention of subsection (25) as set out in the 2006 Act include a fine of up to €15,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 3 years.

(*): Minor Electrical Works generally involve the “like for like” replacement of switches, sockets, lighting fittings and/or additions to an existing circuit. The work must be in compliance with the National Wiring Rules.