Fee Structure:

The Registered Electrical Contractors of Ireland, the Safety Supervisory Body for the Safe Electric Scheme, is introducing its first increases in subscription (annual registration) fees for 11 years in 2020. The increases have been approved by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). The new fees, set out below, fall due on 1st January 2020 and are payable by credit/debit card, cheque, bank transfer or at the Safe Electric offices at KCR, Kimmage.


2020 Fees



1 to 10 Electricians  €354   €59
11 to 50 Electricians       €558  €93 
Over 50 Electricians €834  €139


Safe Electric look forward to working together with REC’s to ensure the safety and standard of electrical work continues to meet the highest safety requirements. We wish to sincerely thank REC’s for their valued support and commitment to the scheme over the years. We are excited to see the scheme continuing to evolve with input from all stakeholders, using new technologies and sound proven practices to meet the highest safety standards in the electrical industry.


Safe Electric would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the excellent contribution to electrical safety on a daily basis from all Registered Electrical Contractors.


We look forward to continuing to work together regarding our shared goal to deliver the highest safety standards across the industry for the benefit of all our customers.

How to Renew Your Annual Subscription

The format for paying the annual subscription has changed. Please read carefully on how to renew your subscription.

Please note that a text message including the invoice number is communicated to each Registered Electrical Contractor, if you have not received this please contact 01-4929966 or email

To Pay:

  1. Have your credit/debit card details, your registration number and invoice number on hand
  2. Contact Safe Electric on 01-4929966.
  3. Quote the invoice number received via text message
  4. Once payment is completed, your membership will be renewed for 2020.

If you require a soft or hard copy of the invoice, please contact

Payment deadline

The deadline for paying the annual subscription fee is 31st January 2020.

Please make sure that you provide your payment by the deadline, otherwise your registration will be suspended temporarily until the subscription fee is paid.