Notification of Cert 1 Price Increase 2nd March 2021

In order to continue Safe Electric’s vital role in regulating electrical safety, Safe Electric is implementing its first increase in the price of Cert 1 since 2009 which has been approved by the CRU.

The price of an individual Cert 1 will rise by €6.25 from the 2nd of March at 12.01am. This increase has been kept at the lowest level possible and represents less than 1% of the typical (€2,000 – €7,000) value of projects that Cert 1 is for. No other certs are affected.

To limit the effect of the price rise on smaller RECs, Safe Electric has introduced the individual sale of Cert 1s as well as in books. Certs can be ordered in quantities of 1,2,3,4,5,10 & 25.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in lower levels of electrical works and a consequent reduction in income from Completion Certificates. Nevertheless, Safe Electric has worked to provide improved services to RECs and customers.

The increase will ensure there is sufficient income to continue to operate the Safe Electric scheme, which generates its revenue, required under legislation, from registration fees and safety certificate sales.

The price increase represents a small percentage of the typical range of electrical jobs.

RECI/ Safe Electric has provided improved services to RECs and customers alike during the pandemic, including:

  • Launch of A new online certificate status checker for RECs and their customers, to track progress of receipt of installation completion certificate by Safe Electric to its final submission to ESB Networks for connection to the national distribution grid.
  • Implementation of full government protocols, including pre-site and onsite risk assessments involving customers as integral part of Safe Electric inspections.
  • Wide dissemination of publicly available Covid19 guidance, risk assessment templates and government and industry information on Covid planning, public health standards and required practices.
  • Online ordering and payment for certificates (24/7).

RECI/Safe Electric is very grateful to all registered contractors who have worked hard to make the scheme a success and, in the process, build a strong reputation for Registered Electrical Contractors among Irish households nationwide.

If you have any other general queries please check the Frequently Asked Questions section on our web-site – Frequently Asked Questions – Contractors Area (, or email

Yours sincerely,

Pierce Martin  

General Manager – RECI/Safe Electric